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Welcome to the Pod Homes Project. The Pod Homes Project is being set up by Inventor and Entrepreneur Richard Perry, Founder of the Richard Perry Foundation. The goal of this project is to provide affordable or free housing to those in poverty, those that are destitute and homeless, those that are in circumstances that are abusive or terrifying, and those that need care that is unavailable to them through other Government housing programs. To achieve the goal we aim to set up projects that provide low cost and simply constructed pod homes, RV’s, or basic ‘bricks and mortar’ housing that will have different accommodation options depending on the given situation. For example: mini pod homes, room shares, shelters, or small apartments. All accommodation will be managed and supervised. Starting off my Foundation and the Pod Homes Project, I have already provided one ‘home’ to a homeless person. We made the story into a short film. The film (once finished and editied) will be found on this site. There is also a link to the movie on the Richard Perry Foundation website.
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